They say, it is delivery that makes the orators success.

It stands to reason that proficient speech delivery plays a pivotal role in public speaking success. In truth, no matter how informative, persuasive and engaging the speech you have sculptured, poor delivery will leave your audience feeling down in the dumbs.

What’s more, your presentation may turn into a fiasco.

It cannot be gainsaid that, it will take continuous effort to become as eloquent as Cicero. Beautifully enough, the following practical speech delivery tips will serve as a pair of shoes for you to walk further on your journey to become a more compelling and dynamic speaker.


The way you physically present yourself is the first line of communication before you say your first word.

When you assume the lectern to address an audience, be fastidious enough to engage your body accompaniments- stance, movement, gestures, facial expression & eye contact to strengthen the impact of your words. Little wonder, project 5 of the Toastmasters competent communication manual stated explicitly that, body language should be consistent with the meaning of the words being spoken.

Without question, you do not want to appear robotic in your physical appearance at social or business events. Therefore, you must desist from fidgeting. Instead, keep your head high.


 Doubtlessly, your voice is the link between you and your listeners. It is the primary medium for conveying your message.

Should you feel a sense of calmness, relaxation & confidence, then it is time to hammer out how to effectively deliver your words at the earliest opportunity. If the listeners can’t hear you or if they find your voice annoying, they will not pay attention by which time your message would’ve been lost. As a result, it will be helpful to project your voice.

If you have a microphone available, by all means use it. If not, simply concentrate on the person at the back of the room and imagine that you are speaking to them directly. This will ensure you pitch your voice at just the right level.

In an effort to achieve clarity, most communicators often become monotonous, so much so that, they bore the audience to tears.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. In light of that, it will be counterproductive for you to have too much emotion in your voice. Be that as it may, you should be animated enough to let your listeners know that you are a human speaker and not an animatronic robot.

Truth be told, nothing propels listeners to mentally zone out faster than a monotonous speaker. Accordingly, I recommend that we avoid it like a scruffy dish rag.


 A final tip for delivering your speech is to avoid crutch words, like “um”, “ah”, and “mmm” like the plague. A profusion of people don’t realize it, even though they use those crutch words frequently in their speaking efforts.

Admittedly, nothing indicates a speaker who is nervous or unprepared faster than the employment of verbal fillers.

On the whole, you can record yourself delivering your speech before the actual event. If you notice them popping up in your speech, take measures to eliminate them from the equation when presenting it before an audience.

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